HR Policy

Policy Statement

HR Bank believes that our employees are our most valuable asset. We make an effort to develop the abilities and productivity of our staff.

HR Bank encourages a work culture, foster relationship with them at every level in the organization. and make them to express their views and share their ideas to bring about improvements in the organization towards the achievement of the common goal described in our vision and mission statements.

HR Bank could make every endeavor to foster a productive culture throughout the Bank.

The Bank is a Team-Focused organization that is characterized by Collaborative relationships;

    Approachable and open communications

    Courteous, efficient and effective services

    Flexibility and fairness


The purpose of HR Bank policy is to ensure that the human resources values framework incorporates four key principles, which are;


Bank's management and staff will promote an environment where the principles of open communication will be upheld. For the purpose of this policy, open communication encapsulates the idea of;

• Mutual recognition a respect at all levels.
• Freedom to express one's views and a commitment to resolving any interpersonal conflict.
• Promotion and development of two-way communication incorporating constructive feedback.
• Appropriate dissemination of dissemination of information.


Bank's management and staff will promote a work environment that provides opportunity for;

• Improved work practices.
• Support of individuals in pursuit of personal and career growth.
• Encouragement of self-development by recognizing and using individual strengths.


Bank's management and staff will promote an environment to encourage initiative leading to flexibility and growth. This philosophy will facilitate improved work practices, which meet organizational needs through the challenging of preconceived ideas.


Bank's management and staff acknowledge the importance of each individual's contribution to the work of the Bank by recognizing their qualities, strengths and abilities and sharing these across the Bank.

Roles And Responsibilities


Managers are responsible for;

• Providing development opportunities for staff that relate to performance in order to achieve organizational and individual needs.
• Agreed performance standards for staff and assistance with the achievement of identified goals.
• Regular review and improve where necessary, human resource structures and processes in line with Board directions. This will facilitate best practice, work flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to changing needs.
• Constructive feedback with an aim to improve work practices and relationships; and establishment and encouragement of team development.

Corporate Management

Corporate Management is responsible for;

• Counseling for career path development to the respective employees.
• Provide necessary guidelines and directions to review and improve the skills of the employees to the respective Managers.
• Providing coaching to the Managers to enable them to understand the hidden talents of the employees.


Employees are responsible for;

• Incorporation of the principles of this policy into their work practices and to make themselves personally accountable for implementing the human resource values framework.
• Use of initiative in relation to their own personal development.
• Utilization of their individual strengths in improvement of work practices.
• Achievement of organizational goals through participation in the development plans, policies and procedures.
• Adherence to all policies, procedures, agreed code of conduct and standards.
• Assistance in the prevention of discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunities when interacting with other employees.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors is empowered to;

• Provide necessary support to the Corporate Management to train the employees of the Bank where necessary.
• Provide necessary guidance and directions to the Corporate Management to maintain effective industrial peace and relations with the Union and other related institutions.

Management of Board

Board will endeavor to provide;

• Direction and support to management and staff to attract, retain motivate and develop.
• Quality staff in order to achieve the Bank's goals.
• Assistance to management and staff to focus on the performance and productivity of individuals, teams and workgroups whilst meeting the Bank's objectives.
• Remuneration under the current contract of employment and other employment conditions consistent with legislative requirements.

HR Department

HR Department is responsible for;

• Regular review and development of human resource management practices.
• Periodic review of the work priorities to determine skill requirements needed to meet the Bank's strategic plan.
• Determination of an organizational structure that will facilitate and improve teamwork.
• Appointment and promotion of staff on merit and to ensure that treatment of all employees is fair and equitable.