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Cash Management

Cash Management

You want to optimize your company's cash management in Europa, Asia & America and know your precise current cash positions at HR Bank Correspondences and your third-party banks. A customized cash management and payment transactions solution allows you to do this. HR Bank offers flexible and transparent total solutions to support your business activities in throughout the world.

Cash Management

•HR Bank knows treasuries. Working with some of the very best treasuries in the world has given us a solid knowledge and understanding of advanced treasury solutions. This knowledge we want to share with you.

•HR Bank offers full-scale cash management services and tailored solutions to match our clients' complex requirements. Our “One bank, one system” concept, a single technology banking platform, allows you to view and manage financial positions – across international borders, in real time.

•At HR Bank, we work with a client centric approach and engage in long-term strategic partnerships with clients. We use an advisory methodology to run through the different processes of your treasury organization. We work with you to establish the key aspects of your financial value chain, evaluating how they work today and looking at how they will work in the future. As a result, our advisory concept provides you with the implications and return on investments of strategic initiatives. We support you in making the right decisions and enable you to benchmark your financial processes against the best-in-class.

Liquidity Management

HR Bank liquidity management systems provide you with the following benefits:

• Real-time visibility, access and control of group liquidity through our Business Systems
• Cross country, cross company and cross currency solutions, all in real-time
• Overlay and pooling structures create a truly automated and centralized set-up, making it easy to optimize and control your liquidity, all in real-time
• Support of intra-company limits and interest makes it easy to outsource internal risk and interest management
• Overlay and pooling structures to be built on top of current account structure, all in real-time
• Optimized interest income and cost reduction
• Flexible range of products which can be combined and tailored to your needs.

Integration Infrastructure

HR Bank help clients become the best in their industry by leveraging our technology to provide cost efficient and high-quality solutions to solve a problem or realize business opportunities. At HR Bank, clients shape the future of technology developments, and our single IT platform enables us to be flexible and rapidly respond to our clients’ new identified needs. We fully support the on-going industry move towards standardization. Our integration and infrastructure solutions provide you with the following benefits:

• A single platform for all online banking activities
• Multiple integration possibilities with clients’ systems
• Faster, secure and more efficient transaction processing
• Communication channels and file format options to fit your specific need and setup.

Corporate Reporting

HR Bank provides reports in a large variety of formats and channels to help you get transparency of your transactions, volumes and fees. Our solutions will, among other things, provide you with the below benefits:

• Fast and easy access to a transparent overview of transactions, volumes, fees and other banking charges
• Receive reports from the bank or create them yourself
• Simple to export information to Excel
• Customization - different types and multiple different options for tailoring reports to fit your needs.